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Development vision Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven ready for take-off

Development vision Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven ready for take-off

Together with Proof of the Sum, Arup and Zjak Consult, Karres en Brands designed the development vision for Utrecht Science Park Bilthoven. The design was initiated by the departure of the RIVM from Bilthoven to Utrecht Science Park; allowing the freed-up space to be (re)developed and to extend the campus.

The vision offers space to accommodate bio-tech companies, focussing on life sciences and vaccine related R&D productions. The future campus aims for a sustainable and qualitative work environment. This is done by establishing interactions between the different users by strategically positioning shared multifunctional and supportive services along the vivid heart of the campus.

Both the landscape and the existing cultural heritage on site create a unique identity for USPB. The design embodies a welcoming, green and attractive environment.  This results in a pleasant and walkable campus. And while the interior of the buildings is well connected with the exterior landscape, extra attention has been paid in the design to ensure safety and security for everybody.First steps have already been taken with the first building Impetus. A new building right at the heart of the campus, expected to be finished in 2025!

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