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Discussing future possibilities for landscape axis Bahrenfeld Hamburg

Discussing future possibilities for landscape axis Bahrenfeld Hamburg

Karres and Brands participated in a planning workshop in Hamburg Bahrenfeld, discussing the possibilities of transforming the current fragmented open space structure into a strong future landscape axis

As the surrounding urban fabric will undergo major transformations in the coming decades, the green structures along Holstenkamp will have the opportunity to develop simultaneously and take advantage of the unique configurations already in place. These are a unique proximity of church and city as the main landowners and an extensive network of paths extending between the old cemeteries and community gardens of the area.

In particular, the repurposing of some of the area's cemeteries provides space for ideas and spatial rethinking. As part of this new identity, the design draws attention to the extensive tree structures of the cemeteries that have formed here over time and threaten to turn into a "green soup" of trees and shrubs. A thorough study followed by targeted subtracting and adding will enable today’s tree and path structures to become a framework for future developments - whether in housing or open space development.

Awarding authority: Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg 

Client: Urbanista