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‘Dutch Masters 2070’ selected by Kennisregio aan Zee (Knowledge Region by the Sea)

‘Dutch Masters 2070’ selected by Kennisregio aan Zee (Knowledge Region by the Sea)

The research proposal by Karres and Brands, Studio Monnik and Charan van Krevel (Radboud University) has been selected for the Open Call of the Kennisregio aan Zee. ‘Dutch Masters 2070 - a lifelong learning landscape for everyone' placed in the top three of submissions and so was chosen for further elaboration.

How can spatial, social and economic measures contribute to bridging the education gap? In 'Dutch Masters 2070', we propose a society where prosperity, growth and knowledge are more broadly defined and supported. A notion of prosperity in which well-being is paramount. A pursuit of growth that leaves the planet better off and of equal rewards and social status for practical and theoretical knowledge.

Today's knowledge hubs will soon operate as a network of guilds where different types of intelligence reinforce each other. Thus, knowledge districts become a catalyst for a new kind of city where working, learning and making are much more intertwined and different types of knowledge find each other.

With experience in designing campuses, innovation districts and sustainable work landscapes, this is a task that suits Karres and Brands well. Together with Studio Monnik's research into the future of work and education, and Charan van Krevel's economic anchoring of Broad Prosperity Principles, we form a strong team for this task.

Together, we dream of a lifelong learning landscape for a new generation of Dutch masters!

Kennisregio aan Zee is a collaboration between the municipalities of The Hague, Delft, Zoetermeer and Leiden. This Open Call explores the region's urban economy in 2070 and the role broad prosperity can play in it.