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Garden Statens Museum for Kunst wins Copenhagen Municipality Architectural Award 2016

Garden Statens Museum for Kunst wins Copenhagen Municipality Architectural Award 2016

karres+brands and the Danish office Polyform are awarded the Copenhagen Municipality Architectural Award for their design of the Statens Museum for Kunst (Danish National Art Gallery) in the category parks.

The design is the result of a competition organized by the museum a few years back and won by the team karres+brands, Polyform. SMK tilbage i Parken (Statens Museum for Kunst back in the park) connects the museum garden with the Østre Anlæg park. Through this, SMK is naturally integrated in a park to which it previously turned its back on. The museum garden thus becomes the new entrance area, not just to the SMK but also to the Østre Anlæg Park.

The design is simple character and flexible. The new plan balances the enormous building housing the gallery, and uses the existing height difference in the terrain. At the heart of the garden lies a “pedestal”, a unique water element which at the same time can function as a podium for the museum or urban life. The once lost original public character of the space is revived and the garden is infused a strong green character through the generous grass fields and newly planted native trees. The play of spatial elements ensures that the garden intermediates between collections, museum, park and city. Visitors, artist, passers-by are invited in a multifaceted usage of the garden.

The 32 meter pond in the middle of the garden is a special highpoint of the design. The element brings people together and mirrors the Copenhagen skyline in its large water surface. Once empty, the pond can be used for art installations and concerts as well as skating rink in the winter. The city life mixes with art and installations in the new museum garden - and with this announce a new era for the Statens Museum for Kunst.

The Copenhagen Municipality Architectural Award is awarded annuallyfor outstanding new architecture, renovations, layout of parks and redefined urban spaces. In 2012 karres+brands and Polyform were previously awarded the same recognition for their design of the Center for Renhold, the transformation of a former parking garage in the headquarters of the municipal cleaning service. 


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