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Next step for characteristic and creative urban neighbourhood Backer+Rueb in Breda

Next step for characteristic and creative urban neighbourhood Backer+Rueb in Breda

The completion date for the Backer+Rueb creative district is drawing ever closer. The anterior agreement was signed by the Municipality of Breda and area developer Amvest last week, and an extensive development vision was recently presented in the form of a book. Backer+Rueb will be a vibrant, urban neighbourhood with ample space for working, venues serving food and drink along the quay, and other public amenities.

Commissioned by Amvest and in cooperation with the Municipality of Breda, Rijnboutt and Karres en Brands are designing the urban development plan and the public space. Our joint plants will integrate Backer+Rueb into Breda’s Creative District. The whole neighbourhood honours its industrial heritage and is coloured by art, culture, and creativity. Its characteristic leafy, green inner areas join sleeker, outer edges geared toward public use. We are currently fleshing out the provisional design and expect to finalize it in early 2022.

In the 1960s, Backer and Rueb was a dynamic factory complex and one of the city’s largest employers. More than 1,400 workers manufactured steam engines, escalators and paternoster lifts, boilers, and all kinds of other machines. Several unique production facilities still stand to this day and are all that is left of the impressive company complex of yesteryear. The repurposing project therefore aims to return the area to its former glory.

Backer+Rueb will be a multifaceted neighbourhood with approximately 500 homes; the existing factory buildings will form the backbone of this residential project. As the area’s identity hallmarks, the Backer and Rueb office and production facilities will become part of the public space. Extensions, intersections, and other changes will upgrade the buildings into hubs for creative exchange. The new buildings will also reflect the key features of the industrial surroundings, with unusual roof shapes, building compositions with stacked elements, overhangs, and imposing dimensions.

Backer+Rueb’s industrial character is enhanced by the design of the public space. The site will be as green as possible and car-free; surfaces will only be paved where necessary. An industrial public park will be created on the west side, while the quay along the harbour will have a robust character with industrial design elements and matching planting. The greenery and water provide a healthy living environment and ensure the area is climate-adaptive.

Read the full development vision here

in collaboration with Amvest, Rijnboutt, Municipality of Breda, RHDHV

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