Darius Reznek


Darius Reznek (1986) is a landscape architect and a partner in Karres en Brands. He has been working for the agency since 2012 and has been part of the management team since 2017. Darius’ focus at Karres en Brands is on expanding design research and on strengthening the international profile of the agency. Darius thinks in terms of possibilities and opportunities, rather than restrictions; a design or a narrative that has more in substance than simply the solution to a problem.

Darius studied at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest and landscape architecture at Wageningen University. Darius works on national and international projects and competitions, from conceiving urban development strategies to designing public spaces and architecture. He has been responsible for a large number of successful competitions, including the design for the station area in Roskilde, the Lokviertel master plan in Osnabruck, Woodhood Garden City in Cologne, Laekjatorg in Reykjavik, and the winning plan for the new Flotingsmuseum in Oslo. He approaches complex spatial assignments not only from the qualities of the place in question, but from the larger, overarching idea as well. One such example is the winning plan for ‘The Connected City’ competition in Hamburg, where the vision of the future of life in the landscape determined the guiding principles for the urban plan.

His unique approach to design based on a landscape context earned him recognition from Europe’s 40 under 40 talent in Architecture and Design in 2020. He regularly delivers lectures on topics relating to his work and was a speaker at the SHARE forum in Bucharest, the Ooyster Seminar in Stockholm, and the KIT in Karlsruhe.