David Kloet


David Kloet (1981) is a landscape architect and a partner in Karres en Brands. He has been working for the agency since 2015 and has been part of the management team since 2017. He has wide-ranging experience with national and international projects and enjoys working in multidisciplinary design teams on complex projects at different levels of scale. His designs are characterized by powerful yet simple interventions that offer space for change and flexibility. In his designs, he strives to create high spatial quality and a positive experience and functionality for all potential users. With an investigative attitude, he uncovers the essence of the task before him so that he can create a clear and powerful design. Those tasks start with a vision that stimulates and challenges, but he also sets out to ensure that what is conceived is actually achieved.

David studied landscape architecture at Hogeschool Larenstein Velp, Leeds Metropolitan University, and landscape architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. He has worked on projects including the programmatic vision and different development assignments associated with the image quality plan for Groene Singel, the parliament of the Wedges of Amsterdam, area development of Hart van Zuid in Rotterdam and the Spoorzone in Tilburg, and campus developments, including ASML Campus 2.0. David is currently working on other government projects, including renovation of the Binnenhof in The Hague and government office De Nieuwe Post in Arnhem. 

In addition to this work at the agency, David is also a member of the quality team of the Hart van Zuid area development in Rotterdam and Spoorzone and Waalfront in Nijmegen. He also works as a visiting lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam, at Delft University of Technology, and at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.