Jasper Nijveldt


Jasper Nijveldt (1984) is an urban designer and a partner in Karres en Brands. He has been working for the agency since 2013 and has been part of the management team since 2017. Jasper specializes in complex inner-city transformation projects. In order to understand the complexity of the city, he searches for the ‘invisible city’. He observes the dynamism of the city: the places where people gather and the frequently used routes. With his analytical and inquisitive approach, he understands better than anyone how to translate an abstract urban design assignment into concrete people-oriented solutions.

Jasper graduated from his master’s programme in urban planning at Delft University of Technology cum laude following studies in urban planning at Saxion University, Deventer, philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, and at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam. His final project won him second prize in the Archiprix 2013 and he was also a finalist in the Prix de Rome 2014.

Jasper works primarily on national urban design projects. He frequently manages broad teams in which design, programme, feasibility, engineering, and participation help to create integrated design proposals. He is currently working on the implementation of urban transformation projects, including Defence Island in Woerden, the Hoef Kwartier in Amersfoort, and the vision and implementation of Kampen Reevedelta, which involves the construction of around 3200 homes in a climate-robust landscape. Over the past few years, Jasper has specialized in the development of station areas, such as those in Zwolle, Schiedam, and Poort van Hoorn. He currently has chief responsibility for design and development of the bridge over the railway in Zwolle. He also holds various supervisor roles and is a visiting lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Rotterdam.