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Mobility Plan for Knowledge Park Twente

Karres en Brands has been selected to prepare the urban layout and mobility plan for Knowledge Park Twente. The plan is a necessary step towards the creation of a new zoning plan for the Knowledge Park that facilitates agreements with investors and developers in the area. It will consider choices around parking and access, the design of public space as well as locations for functions such as facilities and housing. The Knowledge Park mobility plan and the urban layout plan are intended to form one coherent blueprint for the area's development.

Together with Goudappel Coffeng, the municipality of Enschede and the UT Twente, Karres and Brands will be working on further shaping the contours of the innovation campus. We will be conducting interactive, step-by-step design workshops to build up a dynamic total plan, as well as inviting input from important stakeholders in the area. With an interactive and widely supported approach, a plan will ultimately arise that all involved parties can support.