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Design Remodeling Landscape Turnhoutsepoort Completed

karres+brands together with Maxwan and Antea Group has completed the landscape design for the Turnhoutsepoort in Antwerp. The redesign of the Turnhoutspoort is the first elaboration of the grove landscape provided in the Groene Singel Visual Quality Plan.

The Turnhoutsepoort area is the joint between the districts of Borgerhout, Deurne North and Rivierenhof park. Currently, however, the area has little scenic quality and the spatial and ecological coherence between the city and the Rivierenhof is substandard. With the reconstruction of the Noordersingel between Stenenbrug and the Turnhoutsebaan in 2017, plenty of space is released to improve the scenic quality of the area.

With the Quality Plan Groene Singel as a basis a landscape design and a planting plan was drawn up which aimes to create a cohesive roadside landscape and connect the city and the Rivierenhof park spatially. The ecologically valuable grasslands are maintained and better connected. The recreational connection between Rivierenhof and the city are accentuated by planting eye-catching park trees along the route.

In addition to the landscape design a visual quality plan is developed for the upgrading of the ports under the railway. The quality plan focuses on enhancing the attractiveness of the ports which are currently full of billboards, pollution and graffiti.