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Presentation of area vision for Park Stappegoor Tilburg

As commissioned by Consortium Stappegoor (a partnership between Synchroon and the BPD Gebiedsontwikkeling area development agency) and in synergy with the Municipality of Tilburg, Karres and Brands has created the development concept for the periphery of Park Stappegoor. The first sketches for the development have now been published. If the Municipal Executive has its way, this will be the future of Stappegoor.

The development of Park Stappegoor is part of the plan to redevelop the Stappegoor area, located on the southern edge of Tilburg. As part of this, the Municipal Executive decided to apply for a grant from the Dutch government in 2020 in order to accelerate the construction of affordable housing in the Stappegoor area. The new design includes five ‘park towers’ that, alongside the developments of the Koning Willem II barracks and the Willemsbuiten new-build housing project, will surround the future city park. The addition of new residential areas is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the profile of Stappegoor and highlight the district as a high-quality, urban living environment in Tilburg.