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Selected for redevelopment penitentiary Wolvenplein

Selected for redevelopment penitentiary Wolvenplein

The sale and redevelopment of the prison on Wolvenplein square in Utrecht has been awarded to area developer AM. Karres en Brands made the design and urban integration in collaboration with BiermanHenket. The former prison in Utrecht's centre will open its doors to become part of the city and the nearby parks. The complex will provide spaces for living, working, hotel accommodation, and cafés, among other amenities. 

The complex, a nationally listed building, has a new owner after it was sold by the Central Government Real Estate Agency. The former prison is located on one of the old bastions. Viewed from the water and Wittevrouwensingel, It is an especially iconic part of the canal structure. The transformation plan is designed to preserve the listed complex and keep the characteristic structure of its cells, galleries, and wings recognizable in the design.  

The development is a unique opportunity to connect this exceptional location with the rest of the city centre. We will begin by connecting the outside of the complex with its surroundings while retaining the intriguing, closed-off character of the prison complex on the inside. Within the walls, the stony exercise yards will be transformed into courtyards of greenery. Outside, a new 'walkway' along the embankment forms the connection to Zocher's park-like canal structure. A new bridge has been proposed in the plan that connects the opposite side of the canal to Griftpark further down. The walking trail runs through the inner courtyard towards the new bridge. This allows the once closed-off bastion to become a lively and accessible part of the historic city centre.

We look forward to further collaboration with all parties to make Wolvenplein a future-proof and unique complex for residents and citizens of Utrecht.