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Great news for redevelopment innovation district Kennispark Twente

Great news for redevelopment innovation district Kennispark Twente

The vision for the redevelopment of Innovation Park (Kennispark) Twente has been approved by the municipality. Innovation Park Twente will be transformed from a business park into an innovation district where living, working and collaboration are central. In the future, the area will be connected to the campus of the University of Twente.

The transformation increases its appeal as a business location. Over the next ten years, this area development could create more than 1,800 new jobs at Kennispark and another 800 indirect jobs in the region.

Kennispark Twente was the first Business & Science Park in the Netherlands where research by the University of Twente was converted into business activity. In 30 years, Kennispark has grown into a campus of national importance. It is an important job engine for Enschede and Twente. This transformation is essential in order to continue to compete with other Science parks worldwide and to maintain its economic value for the region. The new Kennispark offers space for a mix of innovative businesses, housing for PhDs and young professionals, and communal facilities. A smart parking strategy frees up space for more greenery and development space in a future-proof Kennispark.

The urban development plan offers all those involved in Kennispark a clear vision of the envisioned development of the area. It ensures that the municipality of Enschede, its partners and private organizations can make targeted investments in buildings, public space and facilities at the Kennispark of the future. This should ensure an attractive living and working environment that makes it easier for the city to attract and retain talent and employment.

In collaboration with Municipality Enschede, University of Twente and Goudappel Coffeng