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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays

A great, successful, and exciting year has come to an end. A year of beautiful new projects, and also a year that revolved around the continuation of ongoing larger developments and in particular a year of recognition and appreciation of our work.


With the won competitions Zanders, Lok Viertel and Woodhood 2.0 and the strategic plan for Bahrenfeld Hamburg, we expanded our field of work in Germany. In addition to Germany, we won international competitions with, among others, the urban development of the former airport area in Saratov and, closer to home, the redevelopment of the former penitentiary Wolvenplein in Utrecht and the design of the public space of Spoorzone Tilburg.

At the same time ongoing projects such as Hart van Zuid, Oberbillwerder, ASML and Stadsoevers have reached important milestones. A special moment was the unanimous approval of the council of the Municipality of Zwolle for the new pedestrian bridge, the Passerelle, over the Zwolle railroad.

2021 was a year in which we finalized projects we can't wait for spring to bloom, such as Transferium Veenwouden and OurDomain Amsterdam. We also look back at the resignation of one of the founders Sylvia Karres and the addition of three new partners to the board. The year was characterized by the recognition we received for our work and profession with special mentions and awards for Defence Island Woerden, Gate of Hoorn, Hart van Zuid and Loenen Memorial Cemetery.

We want to thank colleagues, clients, collaborators and friends that contributed to everything we achieved together in 2021! We look forward to 2022 and would like to toast our 25th anniversary!