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Energetic start for Werkspoorpark Utrecht

After winning the closed competition for a new park in Werkspoorkwartier in Utrecht, we started an inspiring digital workshop with the municipality, stakeholders and local residents.

The park is currently owned by Eneco and is a vacant lot between the area Nijverheid and the power plant. The municipality of Utrecht can use this vacant space for the next 8-10 years and wants to open it as a public park. The municipality has the ambition to make Utrecht a greener city. With the adjacent development of the Carthesius area into a housing location, the need for more green areas is increasing. This was also discussed during the workshop, in which local residents indicated a great need for an extension of the green walking network.

In the competition phase, Karres en Brands made a green framework instead of a ready-made sketch design. This framework can be further elaborated together with local residents and stakeholders. The Werkspoorkwartier is an area where a lot of creativity and involvement is already present, and we feel a great opportunity to use this energy from the area in our design process. Despite the corona virus, the digital workshop allowed us to communicate with a large group of interested parties and exchange ideas.

The workshop is the first in a series of four, in which we will work together on the Preliminary Design of this special temporary park. A park where the integration of culture, ecology and sports are paramount and where residents and stakeholders are given a greater role in the design, implementation and management.