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Jury Bosrijk Eindhoven

Jury Bosrijk Eindhoven

Karres en Brands has taken part in the jury of two new clusters concerning Bosrijk in Eindhoven. The standard of the designs remains very high; where living in a sculpture garden is now taking shape! The two new designs of the areas  ‘Het Bosbad’ and ‘Bostorens’  are now being developed. 

Kikx Development B.V. won Cluster 1, with the plan ‘Het Bosbad’ designed by Gaaga studio for architecture and MAAK Space. And Cluster 9 has been won by Buildings4You Development B.V. together with Marcel Lok Architect and Studio Blad with the plan ‘Bostorens’.

Karres en Brands has been involved with Bosrijk since 2001; we designed the original urban plan and public space in collaboration with DAT architects. In addition, we hold the positions of supervisor and juror for the development.

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