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Karres en Brands create landscape design cycle bridge Cuijk-Mook

In order to be able to cycle from Cuijk to Nijmegen easily and quickly, a bridge over the Maas is being built as part of a fast cycle route. The building combination ZÜBLIN-HSM came out as the winner during the tendering process. In the consortium Quist Wintermans Architekten provides the architectural design of the bridge. Karres en Brands is responsible for the landscaping of the bike path, the landings and the green plan. The participants in the tender for the bicycle bridge were asked to come up with ’an architectural and landscape design’. According to the selection committee, the winning bridge design is ’a beautiful and recognizable self-evident whole with the railway bridge’.

The new bicycle bridge joins the silhouette of the existing bridge and contrasts sharply with the jagged beacon trees on the banks of the mesh. The bridge is designed as a half-timbered bridge. The bridge has a sharp vertical boundary at the abutments to the adjacent landscapes from where the bridge turns into a ground slope, which by the planting takes the color of the landscape.

The bicycle bridge is situated on a special landscape transition. On the northern side of the Meuse, the village of Mook lies on the edge of the moraine of the Rijk van Nijmegen. A private landscape with a fine network of avenues and roads and stately planting. On the south side of the Maas lies the young river clay landscape of Cuijk. This asymmetrical landscape context is intersected by the Meuse which, with the sequence of dike, floodplain, river with beacon trees, floodplain and again dike, has a symmetrical design.

From the end of 2020, the first cyclists can use the bridge, which is part of the MaasWaalpad, the fast cycle route from Cuijk to Nijmegen.