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Karres en Brands, Mandaworks and Kosmos selected for Saratov competition

Great news! Team Karres en Brands, Mandaworks and Kosmos are amongst the selected teams for the second round of the Saratov Competition (RU).

The team will develop architectural and urban planning concepts for the integrated future development of Saratov’s city centre with a focus on promoting a rich urban lifestyle with leisure at its heart in a green, biodiverse setting. The vision will extend across five key sites including a new 240 Ha city centre on the grounds of the former airport Saratov-Central, a 275Ha ecological park at Ostrov Zeleny (Green Island), Park Pobedy (Victory Park), Glebuchev Ovrag (Glebuchev Ravine) and Pokrovskie Peski Island. These sites bring together Saratov’s varied urban and ecological contexts, on the banks of the Volga river.