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Karres and Brands designs the ‘Gate of Hoorn’

Karres en Brands has been selected by the Municipality of Hoorn to provide an urban design for the Gate of Hoorn. The project involves the development of the entire station area, including the Noorderveemarkt, the Pelmolenpad and the Prismalocatie, into a comfortable transportation hub and an attractive living and working environment.

In addition to transforming the station, P&R area and bus station into a comfortable transportation hub, the project lends itself to the development of a pleasant living environment close to the city centre. With the development of this urban area, Hoorn aims to grow as a vibrant city well into the future. In September 2019, the Hoorn Council unanimously agreed on the starting principles for the development of the Gate of Hoorn. Based on these principles, Karres and Brands will develop an urban design in collaboration with experts from Witteveen+Bos, Weboost and Alcedo. Also involved in the development of the Gate of Hoorn are the Municipality, NS Stations, ProRail, the province of Noord-Holland and SITE Urban Development.