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Karres en Brands started in Petten!

Karres en Brands started in Petten!

We have started with the development vision for the Energy & Health Campus (EHC) Petten. With a multidisciplinary team we will work in the coming months to develop EHC into a fully fledged campus in the field of sustainable energy and nuclear health.

EHC has the ambition to further develop into an innovation campus in the coming years. With 1600 employees, the campus serves as a major employer of North Holland and the intended growth of the campus makes a development vision necessary. The vision shows the possibilities that can strengthen the ambitions of the companies on the campus and create space for new activities, businesess and education. The vision shows future possibilities based on different scenarios with the aim of creating a dynamic campus with space for interaction and meeting eachother. In particular, Karres and Brands will address the spatial translation of the vision with attention to the bordering Natura 2000 dune nature reserve that makes the campus location so unique.

Karres and Brands was previously involved with the campus and created a visual quality plan in 2019. The development vision will be completed by the end of April 2022.

i.c.w. Proof of the sum, Arup and VKZ BV. 
Client: EHC Petten