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King Willem-Alexander opens Loenen Memorial Center

 King Willem-Alexander opens Loenen Memorial Center

On Thursday morning, November 26, King Willem Alexander opened the Loenen Memorial Cemetery, designed by Karres and Brands. A memorial and education center has also been opened, where visitors are informed about the deployment of Dutch civilians and soldiers during World War II and international peacekeeping missions. The cemetery is available to veterans of the Royal Dutch Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force and Royal Dutch Military Police.

The Loenen Memorial Cemetery is part of the master plan for the expansion of the Loenen Cemetery, which was designed by Karres en Brands in 2010 on behalf of the War Graves Foundation (OGS). The master plan consists of a 1.5 km long winding path, that connects seven burial chambers. In 2017, the OGS already completed the path and two burial chambers and the Memorial Cemetery is now the third along the path. Read more on our project here.


Bird-eye visual of our design


Loenen Memorial Cemetery

Assignment Design expansion cemetery

Size 16.8 hectares

Design 2009 - 2017

Implementation 2015 - 2020

Status In progress

Client War Graves Foundation (OGS) and National Veterans Cemetery Loenen (NVBL)

In collaboration with SmitsRinsma

Execution: Van der Haar

Photo: NVBL