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Launch Manifesto ‘The Parks of Amsterdam’

Amsterdam has a great tradition on considerable investment in green areas at large scale urban expansion. In the years 1940 – 1950, 50.000 houses were built in districts like ‘Bos en Lommer’ and ‘Buitenveldert’, with comprehensive park landscapes in between: the parkwedges of the city. More then seventy years later, the pressure on the parkwedges is increasing, due to the colossal construction and climate related challenges. Karres en Brands is part of the annual programme of Architecture Centre Amsterdam (Arcam), that addresses the Parks of Amsterdam and their (re)development.

Together with three offices, Flux Landscape, BOOM Landscapes and Lama Landscape Architects, we examined the question how a productive parkwedge can be an attractive scenery and simultaneously offer an economic and ecological surplus. Karres en Brands is assigned for two parkwedges, the ‘Amstelscheg’ and the ‘Diemerscheg’. The results of this research will be presented at the exhibition and in the manifesto. The manifesto unites the results of the four design teams and provides 10 clear guidelines for the future of the parkwedges. The fist copy shall be handed to the aldermen of Spatial Development and Sustainability, Marieke van Doorninck. After the presentation the exhibition will be festively opened.

Join us at the opening of the exhibition and the launch of the Manifesto of the Parks at Friday the 13th of December, starting at 16.00!