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Scale model for landscape park the Bulkenaar exhibited

Scale model for landscape park the Bulkenaar exhibited

In the past weeks in the Karres and Brands office we have worked extensively on a large-scale model of our design for landscape park the Bulkenaar. Also 3 smaller models were made, that zoom in on special places in the park. The scale models show the preliminary design of this large area on the outskirts of Roosendaal, which, with the arrival of the new Bravis hospital, will not only become a landscape park but also a healthcare environment. In the design we want to restore fragmented structures and bring back the original scenic richness that used to be present in the landscape.

The model was exhibited at the Festival der Mogelijkheden (Festival of Possibilities), alongside other sustainable concepts and enterprises of Roosendaal.  In the next design steps, there room for ideas and input from residents that strengthen the area. For example, visitors can (literally) pin proposals to the maquette during the festival.

i.c.w. Municipality of Roosendaal

Video: Lemongoose