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New main entrance parkcemetery opened, Ohlsdorf Hamburg

Friedhof Ohlsdorf is not only the largest parkcemetery in the world but also a popular destination for more than 1.2 million visitors a year. In the heart of Hamburg you will find here an impressive park landscape, peace and quiet, and historic tombs and chapels.

In 2017, Karres en Brands made the winning plan for the redesign of the main entrance. This design reinforces the existing walking route from the station to the cemetery and creates a visual link between the station square and the entrance areas of the cemetery. Separate areas are reconnected with sturdy but modest interventions and the main entrance is given a new identity. Old sight lines have been restored so that the visual relationship between the buildings becomes stronger.

The new structure and design of the main entrance and the attractive and functional connection between the station and the cemetery have greatly improved the orientation and visual experience of the area.

From the station, various highlights mark the route to the cemetery at strategic places. The pruning of bushes and planting make the facades of the buildings visible again, which improves the orientation. The natural stone paving of granite in muted gray and red hues subtly contrasts with the large asphalt surfaces of the adjacent streets. Where possible, material has been reused. New seating elements with integrated lighting make waiting more pleasant and brightens up the entrance. The new main entrance is accessible to everyone and invites visitors over.

New seating elements