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Urban Plan Poort van Hoorn has been approved unanimously!

Urban Plan Poort van Hoorn has been approved unanimously!

The city council of Hoorn has unanimously approved our urban development plan for the Poort van Hoorn (Gate of Hoorn). Together with a group of partners, we worked really hard on the realization of this urban development plan. In our proposal there is room for more than 1000 homes, parking facilities, bicycle sheds, bus station and a new traverse. The gate of Hoorn opens the city.

This urban development plan is an important step in the imagination and an important milestone in the realization of joint ambitions. It provides a first impression of what we can expect from this area in the future. New and attractive urban living-work environments, a stone's throw from a comfortable multimodal mobility hub, the beautiful historic city center, and the largest city beach in the Netherlands. This design responds to the unique opportunity for Hoorn to continue to develop as an attractive and lively city.

   Integral representation of our urban development plan


De Poort van Hoorn is developing in the north into a well-functioning multimodal hub for the West Frisian region, where means of transport (train, bus, cyclist and pedestrian) logically connect with each other. Everything aimed at a quick, clear, and comfortable transfer from one mode of transport to another. Its ambition is to realize a sustainable way of transport with space for mobility services, shared cars, and bicycles. The desire is not to let these facilities dominate the atmosphere of the area and at the same time to realize an improvement on the south side.


A lively, inclusive and attractive station area requires a mix of functions (living, working, recreation) and clear routes through the area that are comfortable and feel safe. The interaction between buildings, public functions and public space determines how the open space is used. Poort van Hoorn as a destination means being an extension of the city center in a contemporary form. 

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