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Schiedam Tidal Park has been completed

The tidal park in Schiedam has been completed and is now open to the public. Since September 2019, work has been carried out on the realization of the tidal park in the Wilhelminahaven in Schiedam. The inner harbor of the Wilhelminahaven now houses one of the first tidal parks in the Netherlands.

De Kom van de Wilhelminahaven connects the river and port with the city. As part of the tidal park, a pedestrian promenade will be constructed next to a nature-friendly bank. This makes the "green" connection between the city and the port visible. The development of this area offers opportunities to develop, in addition to tidal nature, recreation, and other activities on and near the water.

At the tidal park, the water level rises and falls about 1.5 meters twice a day. This is due to the open connection from the harbor basin to the sea via the Nieuwe Maas. A new nature will emerge on the drying sludge that is nowhere else to be seen in Europe. Plants grow there that thrive on the border of fresh and saltwater. The area also attracts special birds and fish, such as kingfishers, spoonbills, salmon, and sturgeon. The tidal park is part of the regional program "River as a tidal park".