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Park Hoog Oostduin wins Gulden Feniks 2020!

Park Hoog Oostduin wins Gulden Feniks 2020!

The jury regards this approach as an example to other clients and architects for the enormous renovation and sustainability challenge that lies ahead of us.

Designed by cepezed, the former Shell office on Oostduinlaan in The Hague is transformed into a modern apartment complex in a lush green environment. Karres en Brands designed the urban development concept together with cepezed. Karres en Brands subsequently made the design for the site layout with the aim of combining a historic park and a spacious, representative and contemporary entrance area.

Thanks to its location on a former beach ridge, the district offers an exceptionally green environment. These core qualities form the starting point and the aim is to restore the landscape and spatial frameworks.

Essential to the design are the estate’s water and path structure. Waterways and ponds are important elements that contribute to the spatial experience within the estate. The water refers back to the estate era and plays an important role in creating borders between different areas, thus shaping how each one is experienced. The paths in the front garden connect seamlessly with the historic path structure in the park. The design also responds to the size and scale of Park Hoog Oostduin by encompassing a spacious front garden in a large oval-shaped path that is in balance with the building. This scenic roof park has been realized on top of the parking garage, making the front garden an attractive residential area.

The jury received about seventy entries in total, ten of which it attended. Prizes were also awarded in the renovation and area development categories. Website Gulden Feniks


Photo's © Cepezed - Lucas van der Wee