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Second prize for Life in the Stationsweg in Mönchengladbach

Karres and Brands, together with Döll architects have been awarded second prize for their plan "Life in the Stationsweg" by the City of Mönchengladbach. We designed a neighborhood where a combination of collectivity, freedom and a rural atmosphere are the main features, just like in a Kleingarten, an allotment.

A green, environmentally friendly and safe environment for residents of all backgrounds and ages. A neighborhood where residents themselves can build on their land within a flexible design framework, featuring a large park as “rural playground’’ in the middle. 

The unique location, on the outskirts of the city between the lively villages of Hamern and Venn, provided a good opportunity to develop a visionary proposal for a district where a rural, free lifestyle is accompanied by collectively shared facilities and social cohesion.