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Start of construction on the Wilhelminahaven Tidal Park in Schiedam

With the unveiling of an information board, the construction of the Wilhelminahaven Tidal Park has officially begun. The inner harbour of the Wilhelminahaven is a special location. Located in the middle of the spectacular Port of Schiedam, this sheltered spot plays host to a wide variety of wild vegetation, offering a contrast to the industrial panorama of the port. Because it is so close to the city and surrounding residential areas, it is also one of the few places where Schiedam residents can actually access the water.

Soon, this fantastic location will become home to one of the first tidal parks in the Netherlands. The existing hard bank will be modified to amplify the area’s natural value, and the water will be made accessible for recreation. With the construction of the promenade and jetty, the relationship with the river will be made physical. The new visual relationship with the swimming pool and programming for the sea cadets will ensure that the area is open and active. The wild vegetation will be incorporated and reinforced, making the inner harbour a unique place for both people and nature.