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WOODHOOD – GARDEN CITY 2.0 selected for second phase in competition ‘Land Stadt + Feld’ Cologne

WOODHOOD – GARDEN CITY 2.0 selected for second phase in competition ‘Land Stadt + Feld’ Cologne

Karres and Brands, together with Adept, Metabolic and Argus, is selected to work out a proposal for a new district in Cologne-Kreuzfeld, alongside two other teams. The goal is to create at least 3,000 housing units and new jobs on an area of approximately 80ha. Woodhood - Garden City 2.0 is a vision for a new kind of neighborhood, it requires a new approach to planning, the courage to rethink the connection between city and landscape, the connection between urbanity and living in green!

Woodhood is more than just a classic garden city. The history of the site and its immense landscape potential require a completely new approach to the development of a new urban district in this unique location. In Woodhood, the basic structure of the area is defined by the landscape and the cultural history of the place. It draws inspiration from the history of settlement, nature and the surrounding woodlands. Its framework is defined by soil types, planting, the use of water, the play of sun and shade and the ever-changing seasons. 

Our proposal will not only generate space for new inhabitants and a new economy, but it will also help re-generate the local landscape. The green infrastructure combines the historical forests, diverse landscapes, and the agricultural identity with space for activity into a new regenerative and productive landscape. This new ecosystem will increase biodiversity, provide  Woodhood with precious resources, act as climate proofing infrastructure as well as space for urban life and activity while at the same time connect large scale ecological networks. 

For the coming two months  Woodhood team will explore more in depth the new Garden City of tomorrow and the connection between urban and rural environment. All teams will present their proposals again on a public forum on 27th of November which will be followed by final jury decision in December. 

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