Hart van Zuid Rotterdam

Hart van Zuid Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

A lively mix of features gives new impetus to Rotterdam-Zuid

The Hart van Zuid area development in Rotterdam is one of the largest urban projects of our time. The area, which amounts to over 60 hectares, will acquire a mix of functions (culture, sports, housing, retail, education) and will be restructured in phases in the coming years. The project must give a quality boost to the area in Rotterdam-Zuid and extra jobs and better facilities for residents. The core of the concept by the team of Karres en Brands, Kraaijvanger, and De Zwarte Hond is a final image in outline, wherein connections and encounters are key. Residents, visitors, and entrepreneurs have an active role in completing the plans, which will be further elaborated upon in the coming years.

The renewed Gooilandsingel is the connecting link within the public space of Hart van Zuid. On this city boulevard will come a new, dynamic urban square, Annie M.G. Schmidtplein, which will have an important social function. Around this square and the connecting city promenade, prominent functions and public attractions, such as an art house and swimming pool, will be given an inviting place. At the art building, terraces and an open stage will manifest, and a new swimming pool for Charlois will be realised in the current district office, with space for restaurants and public facilities on the ground floor.

Ahoy and its surroundings will also be significantly expanded upon. A new convention centre, hotel, cinema, and music hall—with capacity for 7,000 visitors—are planned for the events complex. This multifunctional complex with international allure fits the long-term strategy of Ahoy, and forms a quality impetus that produces a significant number of additional jobs and more visitors for the whole of Rotterdam. The entrance of Ahoy is connected in a logical way to the metro station and the new Plein op Zuid. The plaza at Ahoy will also be refurbished, whereby the available facilities remain mutually reinforcing.

Additionally, the current bus and metro station will be given a more efficient and user-friendly organisation and routing. The scheme is inviting and welcoming, with logical cycling and walking routes, and bicycle parking for 800 bikes. With this, the ease of use and the public space will get a significant boost, delivering a better connection to Plein op Zuid and the shopping centre. Finally, the Zuidplein shopping centre, the largest covered shopping mall in the Netherlands, will acquire a better connection with the Gooilandsingel. From Plein op Zuid, the shopping centre and public transport hub are accessible via an iconic staircase, which acts as an informal grandstand on the edge of the square. The complex will offer amenities that broaden what it has to offer, and Hart van Zuid invites both visitors and residents to a longer, more enjoyable stay.

The Zuidplein area has been finalized with the new Theater Zuidplein by De Zwarte Hond.

Project data
Location ​Rotterdam, Netherlands Google Maps
Assignment ​ Area development and public space design around Zuidplein, Gooilandsingel, Zuiderpark and Ahoy
Size ​65 hectare
Design ​2013 - now
Supervision ​2017 - now
Construction ​2015 – 2025
Status ​Awarded DBFMO tender
Client ​Heijmans, Ballast Nedam
In collaboration with ​Kraaijvanger, De Zwarte Hond, Cie, Inbo and Witteveen+Bos
Copyright images ​Sylvana Lansu
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