ING office Cedar

ING office Cedar

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A green urban garden for Amsterdam Southeast

In 2015, ING Bank decided to move its office within Amsterdam Southeast. The building is being developed with a focus on sustainability, innovation and creativity, and Karres en Brands designed the surrounding landscape. With 2,700 employees in the new office, ING aims to contribute a vibrant and inspiring location to this part of the city. The new building is a first step towards a city campus adjacent to the Amsterdam Southeast Centre.

Characteristic of Southeast’s buildings, the lot has a height difference of 3.50 metres between the ground and the overlying main road. The building and landscape design bridges this height difference in a relaxed manner, providing for a good connection between the ground and road levels. New walking routes to other ING offices on the road level activate the Bijlmerdreef’s public space, which was originally intended for motorized traffic only. The landscape around the building will be furbished as a large urban garden with walking paths, gathering areas and seating opportunities. Lawns and large trees set the scene and give the plot a green appearance. The landscape gradually descends to the ground level, where it adds lush green terraces to the Amsterdam Port shopping area. The landscape facilitates the main entrances of the two buildings and a restaurant pavilion with terraces. The landscape is a lively place that invites employees, customers and other visitors to use the outdoor spaces as an extension of their working and living environment.

As part of this development, Karres en Brands also created an urban planning vision and made the final design for upgrading the adjacent Bijlmerdreef. Both are aimed at developing a city campus where ING buildings and lots play an important role in creating more diversity, urbanity and quality in the public space.

Project data
Location ​Amsterdam, Netherlands Google Maps
Assignment ​Design public space
Size ​1.9 hectares
Design ​2015 – 2016
Construction ​2018 – 2020
Status ​Realized
Client ​OVG Vastgoed and G&S Vastgoed
In collaboration with ​Benthem Crouwel architects, HofmanDujardin, SmitsRinsma
Copyright images ​Chiel van Diest
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