Moscow open spaces

Moscow open spaces

Moscow, Russian Federation

Moscow Mosaic

In collaboration with Strelka KB, Karres en Brands worked on one of the most extensive and ambitious urban development programs in Moscow: the revitalization of all city spaces and recreational areas.

Aiming to become a vibrant, pedestrian friendly megacity for the future, Moscow is turning its attention towards the city space. In the past years the city has already been a global reference for urban development with an impressive list of ambitious projects. Among many others, the MyStreet program, has completely transformed the streets of the inner-city, creating pleasant, people oriented spaces. With the construction works nearing completion the local government’s attention is turning towards the open spaces.

In this context we collaborated with Strelka KB to develop a series of manuals for public space design, which will form the basis for renovation of all open spaces in Moscow. The first in a series of 6 books deals with general strategies and recommendations for improvement. With a focus on climate resilience and stormwater management, improving air quality and biodiversity the aim is to ultimately create a vibrant network of public recreational spaces accessible to all. 


Second, third and fourth book focus on spatial strategies for parks, waterfronts and residential courtyards in urban and suburban environment respectively. They set up a set of clear guidelines and key details on how to approach these spaces in terms of ecology, planting and maintenance, topography, water and landscape structure based on identified problems and potentials.

The fifth book focuses on public squares, public transport stations (metro entrances, bus stations) and parking zones. The last book establish a strategy and solutions on spaces next to social/educational infrastructure.

Ultimately the documents will act as a guide for the renovation process.

Project data
Location ​Moscow, Russian Federation Google Maps
Assignment ​Design manual for public spaces in Moscow
Size ​50.000 hectares
Design ​2016-2017
Status ​Delivered
Client ​Municipality of Moscow
In collaboration with ​Strelka KB, Spinunit
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