Tampere Travel and Service Centre

Tampere Travel and Service Centre

Tampere, Finland

A hub for transportation, human activity, programmes and knowledge

Tampere is a city in motion. The city has successfully cross-linked its old industrial economy with new elements, which form the basis of its competitive knowledge industry. The next step in the transformation process is the redevelopment of the railway zone into an area that can answer to the city’s great ambitions. Tampere Station is one of the main hubs in the Finnish railway network, and can form an important link within the city. The desire of the municipality to expand the current station and upgrade the surrounding urban area is a logical step in the evolution of one of Finland’s largest cities.

The Tampere Travel and Service Centre is the catalyst for the development of a dynamic and cohesive new section of the city. The ‘Tampere Silmukka’ proposal is a comprehensive concept for both a physical and psychological connection between both sides of the tracks. Through the introduction of a varied programme, sight lines, public space, and new routes at different levels, the neighbouring districts of Tulli and Tammela will become part of the city centre. The area is a new node for transport, human activity, programmes, and knowledge. The station area thus transforms from a barrier into a ‘knot’ (silmukka), and creates new connections between both the surrounding neighbourhoods and the local and regional scale.

An essential part of the design is the function of the Travel and Service Centre. By designing the long-distance transport to intertwine with public transport from the city, Tampere will be provided with a major entry to the city. The new bus terminal not only improves the relationship between both sides of the tracks, but also offers space for a new interchange with functions on the Tulli/Tammela side: the ‘Tampere Hub’.

The new station of Tampere thus receives, along with the Travel and Service Centre, the correct dimension and structure within the city’s urban fabric. The block structure has a fine grain, and is in balance with the city’s characteristic topography. The densifying of the smaller-scale urban proportions around the station simultaneously exposes the new station area and integrates it into the surrounding city. The sophisticated urban fabric, with vistas and its mix of functions, will in turn increase the vibrancy and atmosphere of the station area.

Within this framework, space will be generated for interactive and human activity, wherein exchange can flourish. The focus is on public space, green places, connections, and semi-public interior spaces. In this way, the Tampere Station area becomes a bustling, inspiring part of the city, (inter)nationally known for its innovative approach to urban development. The area demonstrates a synergy between trade, research, technology, creative industries, and people—and reflects the bright future of Tampere as an ideal place to live and work.


Project data
Location ​Tampere, Finland Google Maps
Assignment ​Master plan for railway zone transformation
Size ​20 hectare
Status ​Competition entry
Client ​Municipality of Tampere
In collaboration with ​Benthem Crouwel Architects, Ramboll
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