TU Delft Campus Furniture

TU Delft Campus Furniture

Delft, Netherlands

TU Delft Living Campus Furniture

Since 2012, Karres en Brands has been involved in the redevelopment of the TU Delft university campus. In addition to providing a landscape and urban development vision, a public space Toolbox and a design for the Kluyver Park, Karres en Brands has designed furniture specifically for the TU Delft.

Public spaces on university campuses have an entire dynamic of their own. These areas are used for studying, working, discussing and taking breaks. Sometimes they are occupied by a single person, other times by large groups of people. The layout of the campus’ public space stimulates informal debate; it allows visions take shape and interactions between those studying and working occur. Such areas require a specific approach to the implementation of street furniture. Karres en Brands has designed a family of benches, plateau seating and tables. Six to ten metres long, the benches are robust objects that invite one to relax, take a break, work, sun bathe, eat lunch, discuss and of course, study.

The benches are designed for wear and tear. The various types are composed of modular elements of which certain parts are easily interchangeable and simple to maintain. Their large format makes them recognizable and structured in the layout of squares, entrance areas and parks. By combining the objects, one can quickly create areas that serve as meeting points on campus. Through its distinctive design, the furniture contributes to the recognisability and identity of the TU Delft’s public space. Karres en Brands designed the product family and supported the technical engineering, procurement and implementation.

Project data
Location ​Delft, Netherlands Google Maps
Assignment ​Design campus furniture
Design ​2016
Construction ​2016
Status ​Realised
Client ​Delft University of Technology / FMVG
In collaboration with ​Rots Maatwerk
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