Zwolle Station Area

Zwolle Station Area

Zwolle, Netherlands

From a peripheral location to a valuable position

Zwolle Station is the most important rail hub in the northeast Netherlands, with rail lines extending in eight directions. Combined with a 24-stop bus station, Zwolle Station is the heart of the regional public transportation network. Located between Hanzeland and the city centre, the station functions as a pivot point in Zwolle’s spatial-economic development.


Led by Karres en Brands, a design team was formed to draft a development perspective. The team consists of municipal designers and traffic experts, complemented by external designers with specific expertise: Movares for underground bike parking and passerelle, Team V for the station’s entrances, including the roof installations, and Poelmans Reesink for segments of the public space. This team worked intensively on the various tasks, frequently discussing and testing plans with the NS, ProRail and the province.

Consisting of a vision component (assignment, vision and strategy) and an execution component (phases and project segments), the development perspective provides a final vision for the station area. The current building projects are cohesively integrated into the main structure of the station square, which was introduced by Karres en Brands. The underground bike parking, bus bridge, bus station, and renovations to the station square, Oosterlaan, Westerlaan and Stationsweg, Hanzelaan and passerelle, as well as the widening of the platforms, will all be carried out in a single, coherent spatial framework. This station area upgrade will serve as an essential catalyst in the area’s development process. The development perspective also includes ambitions and suggestions for urbanization, climate adaptation, energy transition, and new strategies for mobility and parking.

Project data
Location ​Zwolle, Netherlands Google Maps
Assignment ​Rail zone master plan
Size ​10 hectares
Design ​2016 – 2017
Construction ​2017 – 2030
Status ​Development perspective has been approved by the City Council
Client ​Municipality of Zwolle
In collaboration with ​Team V, NS, ProRail, Movares, Poelmans Reesink
Copyright images ​Nanda Sluijsmans
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