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Future strategy for paper factory Zanders

Future strategy for paper factory Zanders

For almost 200 years “Zanders” was a synonym for high quality paper all over the world. Locally in the factory’s hometown of Bergisch Gladbach the name stood for one of the most important workplaces. After the bankruptcy of the paper factory, Karres en Brands was asked to develop a 'Strukturplan' to outline the future use and character of the site.

We are proud to announce that after a year of working on this fascinating project and creating a future strategy for the 37ha factory grounds together with the local Projektgruppe Zanders Areal we had the chance to present our ideas to the public last Friday.

On Friday afternoon the mayor of Bergisch Gladbach welcomed 200 interested people and highlighted his support for the project. Then Karres en Brands and the Projektgruppe presented their work and the vision for the transformation of the isolated factory grounds into a new open, vibrant and sustainable part of the city. Ending with questions of the audience and direct conversations between the planners and the visitors, the plan was well received.

During a sunny Saturday many inhabitants of Bergisch Gladbach took the chance to participate in one of the different themed tours that the Projektgruppe prepared and guided together with Karres en Brands and the moderation team of Nonconform. Each tour started with a short video that summarised the Strukturplanung and which will be available for public viewing on Youtube soon. While walking over the old factory grounds the citizens could ask questions and participate with their own ideas, wishes and concerns for the upcoming usage and transformation of the old factory buildings and the surrounding urban fabric.

Karres en Brands and the Projektgruppe will take all comments into consideration and integrate them in the next steps of the plan and the transformation process. In the coming weeks Karres en Brands will finalise a booklet with the main structural elements for the area. In June the plan will be presented in the council meeting and handed over to the politicians for approval.