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Steel “Origami” bus stop placed at Feanwâlden station

Steel “Origami” bus stop placed at Feanwâlden station

Today marks a special day in one of the last phases of the completion of our project in Feanwâlden.  Our own designed abri (bus stop) is placed in our landscape design. With this, the last programmatic puzzle piece falls into place. Last year the previous waiting room was renovated and transformed into a lunchroom.

The sturdy abri is made entirely of sheet steel, measures 8 by 4 by 4 meters and is produced locally. Like a steel origami, the bus stop is made of one folded piece of steel and is very modest in detailing and appearance.



The abri is not only designed as a bus stop, but as a multifunctional park pavilion that strengthens the relationship between station and park. The special characteristics of the former waiting room served as a source of inspiration for the new design. The play between open and closed, horizontality and the recognizable canopy have been translated into a contemporary design that reflects the strength of the small station building and thus adds a new chapter. 

Due to its minimalist design, the abri will work as an open framework for everyday life. From bus stop to meeting place, canopy for a terrace or as a space for an exhibition. The abri offers space for different possibilities. 

It is one of the last times that we will be present in Feanwâlden before we can give the project back to the villagers. The last planting will take place this spring after which the project will be completed.

Client: ​Gemeente Dantumadiel, Provincie Fryslan

Photo's: Kees Sherjon

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