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Up next: symposia and lectures

Up next: symposia and lectures

In the coming time, we will participate in various symposia and dialogues in various places, both online and offline. We are looking forward to meet you there.

  • ‘Graphic representation’, 

Wageningen University and Research – (Marit Noest)
1 november

  • ‘Beyond’, 

Design by Toko, De Krachtcentrale, Huizen – (Lieneke van Campen)
4 november

  • ‘Greening the City’, 

HafenCity Universität Hamburg  – (Bart Brands)
11 november

  • ‘Learning Landscapes’, 

Innovation Area Development Partners, Eindhoven – (David Kloet)
17 november

  • ‘Spoorzone Tilburg in ontwikkeling’

Professioneel Ervarings Programma [PEP], Tilburg  – (David Kloet)

2 december

  • ‘World Architecture Festival’

Jury WAF Awards 2022, Lisbon – (Lieneke van Campen)

30 november - 2 december