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Sculpture garden Museum Arnhem is beginning to take shape

Sculpture garden Museum Arnhem is beginning to take shape

The new sculpture garden of Museum Arnhem is beginning to take shape. This week the majority of the artworks were placed and last month the concrete paths were poured. On Friday, May 13, 2022, the museum and its sculpture garden will open to the public. 

Karres en Brands has been involved in the renovation and expansion of the museum since 2015 and has formulated the principles for the landscape integration and the model study for the expansion, and designed the museum garden. Based on our study, the new museum wing was designed by Benthem Crouwel Architects. The new extension is connected to the landscape and extends no less than fifteen meters over the lateral moraine. 

The museum, with its unique location on the lateral moraine, will be surrounded by a welcoming sculpture garden where everyone is welcome during museum opening hours. The design is contemporary and ties in with the old park structure that once existed for the entire lateral moraine. An organically designed path connects the museum and the extension to the Utrechtsestraat and the lateral moraine landscape. The path widens in several places, creating small squares. The path leads the visitor in a surprising way past the sculptures, such as the iconic masterpieces the Borstentros by Maria Roosen, Venus Funnel by Rebecca Horn and 12.5% Proof by Marc Quinn. The new design for the museum garden will be more than a a sculpture garden and aims to be a city garden.

Photo credit: Museum Arnhem/ photographer: Eva Broekema and Rolf Hensel

In collaboration with Municipality of Arnhem, Museum Arnhem, Benthem Crouwel Architects.