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Weerwater Route Presented

Weerwater Route Presented

On March 3, the municipality of Almere presented the plan for the design and development of the Weerwater Route in Almere. karres+brands teamed up with Northern Light and OverMorgen for the design of a better and more attractive public space around Almere’s central inland lake. By implementing the design the Weerwater Route will become a leisure and cultural route marking the Weerwater as heart of Almere. The transformation of adjacent areas and the realisation of new neighborhoods provides the perfect opportunity to capitalise the central location of the Weerwater Route by using it as a catalyst for urban development.

In addition to a seven kilometer long route for cyclists and pedestrians a shortened four kilometer long rout will be made. This shortened route is made possible by adding a new bicycle and pedestrian bridge between the Lumière Park and the World Expo Floriade 2022 site.

The route is made physically recognizable special edge detailing, furniture and lighting, walking, cycling and skating trails and eye catching signage on the paths. In addition, the liveliness on the water is increased by introducing a series of prominent ’anchor points’.

The plan was developed in close cooperation with the municipality of Almere and a focus group of residents. The plan will be implemented in phases and should be fully completed in 2026. The new bridge and the short route will be realised before the opening of the World Expo Floriade 2022

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