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Construction has started at City Hall Square Purmerend

Construction has started at City Hall Square Purmerend

The original plans for the outdoor space adjacent to Purmerend’s Town Hall differ strongly from the plans that are now in place. With accessibility as the main condition, the original plan of the municipality included an above-ground parking garage. A few years ago, Karres en Brands initiated a new idea and after intensive and constructive conversations with the city, residents and stakeholders, the course of action was changed. 

The accessibility remains, but in the future cars will find their place two layers below ground level, creating space for a lively and green square that functions as a real addition to the city. The square will be a pleasant place to stay, with a wadi and lots of greenery, creating more synergy between the station area and the inner city. In addition, the city hall will become more accessible to pedestrians, the disabled and cyclists.

Meanwhile, construction has started on the realization of the parking garage. The square is expected to be ready for use in the first quarter of 2023.

i.c.w. Municipality of Purmerend, Arcadis, K_Dekker Bouw en Infra b.v.