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The pieces of Feanwâlden’s puzzle are falling into place

The pieces of Feanwâlden’s puzzle are falling into place

The realization of the redevelopment in Feanwâlden is nearing its end. After completion and commissioning of the transfer hub’s bus station, the construction of the park is in full swing and the main contours of the design are taking shape. The central pond and its bridge are realized and the pond is ready for planting. In particular, the transformation of the public transport’s waiting room into a community café, De Ferbinding, provides a living room for travelers, tourists, and villages. Therefore, Feanwâlden becomes not only a place to depart and arrive but also a place to stay. 

Community cafe De Ferbinding

On Friday the 9th of July the doors of De Ferbinding (the Connection) opened at Feanwâlden station. Travelers can wait here for their bus or train and have a cup of coffee, lunch, or a small snack. In the café, about thirty to forty young adults with a (mild) mental handicap find a daytime occupation. During the transformation of the building, attention was paid to sustainability, for example, the insulation layer consists of bulrush from the immediate vicinity. With the opening of the café, Feanwâlden now has a welcoming place for the village and the surrounding area.

Finishing touches

It’s all coming together. The opening of the community café and the construction of the park are the last pieces of the puzzle within the design. The park is designed with various target groups in mind and will be a park for the entire neighborhood. We established a connection with the adjacent school by adding a soccer field and a playground. And created pleasant places for a neighboring care facility to stay, walk and sit in the sun. The wadis form a challenging place for children to play and catch frogs by adding stepping stones, among other things. 

As for today, the pond is already in use by some children to cool off and will be completed with planting in the coming weeks. Due to corona, the opening of the park is not in September but postponed until later this fall.