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New striking bridge in district De Draai

The bridge on the south site of De Draai, Heerhugowaard has been completed and taken in use. This is the first in a series of bridges in De Draai designed by Karres en Brands.

This cycle and pedestrian bridge is part of the regional connection to De Draai. Cultural historic sites and new developments mark their position along the original linear urban structure. The new bridge connects the community centre in the north with the adjacent neighbourhoods. A slight curve in the bridge creates a remarkable moment above the water. Eye-catching lightning is delicately integrated in the banister. With the slender cross-section of the deck, only three cylindrical columns, and the transparent handrail, the bridge has an elegant and slender silhouette above the water.

Karres en Brands is involved in the plans for De Draai since 2000. Besides the masterplan Karres en Brands also designed each of the various sub-plans, the central park, the public spaces, the bridges and architectural dam constructions.

The design of the bridges is done by Karres en Brands and the engineering in collaboration with IPV Delft. Damsteegt Waterwerken premanufactured the bridges at the factory and placed it on location. Now that the bridge has been taken into use, the design process towards a public meeting place along the water continues, together with the residents.