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Designing a ‘Landscape of Desire’

Designing a ‘Landscape of Desire’

Karres en Brands started a design research project for new energy landscapes in the Lopikerwaard polder landscape, focusing on the core question of how we can link solar arrays to spatial quality. Together with DS landschapsarchitecten, UrbanSynergy, and Vista, we are going to produce innovative ideas for solar arrays for two study areas. Lopikerwaard has an abundance of river banks and peat meadows, both of which are popular landscapes. However, the current municipal assessment frame-works to integrate sustainable energy are too limited and need to be deepened to allow for innovation and dialogue.

Karres en Brands is working on the riparian landscape of the Hollandsche IJssel, a branch of the Rhine delta north of IJsselstein. The transition to sustainable energy generation, transport, and storage is a new social task because of its impact on the landscape. Together with the Municipality of IJsselstein, a design study is being carried out into people’s opinions of solar arrays and how these can be turned into a ‘landscape of desire’. The aim is to supplement the current municipal assessment frameworks so that spatial quality is linked to the new energy landscapes and regional themes such as biodiversity, climate adaptation, and recreation.

Part of the voucher scheme of the ‘Stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie’ (Promotion fund for the creative industry), the study is being carried out together with Aorta, PARK Paul Roncken, MooiSticht, and the five municipalities. The results of the study will also serve as inspiration for similar areas in the Netherlands.