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Open up…. Hart van Zuid

What is happening in Hart van Zuid, Rotterdam? The realization of the area development is in full swing. The construction of the second phase of the Zuiderparkhof started last week and on the Gooilandsingel, cyclists and pedestrians are gradually retrieving the public space from buses and cabs. This coming week Hart van Zuid will be decorated in the colors of the Eurovision Song Festival. In relation to the Eurovision Song Festival, Arttenders has initiated temporary works of art in the public space that will give the area a boost. On Zuid the above-ground metro tracks are enhanced and the temporary artwork 'The Splash' by Cindy Bakker has been opened on the Annie MG Smidtplein.

The Hart van Zuid area development in Rotterdam is one of the largest inner-city developments of our time. The large-scale development in Zuid aims to create a new, vibrant city center of the area with all functions together; a place where residents, visitors and entrepreneurs feel at home. The project gives Rotterdam-Zuid a quality boost, leading to extra jobs and better facilities for its residents. On Thursday, June 10, an online video lecture by David Kloet, Stijnie Lohof and Vincent van der Meulen will explain the development of the plans.

In this major metamorphosis, Karres and Brands’ role is to connect. We are working on the area development since 2013 and design the public space where hospitality, user-friendliness and the stimulation of meeting are key. A green and car-free public space will connect Zuiderpark with the new Ahoyplein and Annie MG Smidtplein. These squares will be the most important meeting places, connecting points and centers of activity. The design of these squares and the connecting routes around them will soon invite people to enjoy the bustling facilities at Zuid. Completion is planned for the end of the year.

Partners: Arttenders, Gemeente Rotterdam, Heijmans, Ballast Nedam, De Zwarte Hond, Kraaijvanger Architects

Photo copyright: Sylvana Lansu, Amber Leijen