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A green stately entrance to Zwolle’s railway station

A green stately entrance to Zwolle’s railway station

Zwolle Station is the main railroad junction of the northeastern part of the Netherlands. Located between Hanzeland and the city center, the station serves as a pivotal point in the spatial-economic development of Zwolle. We are proud of the developments as we have been involved in the development of the station area in the past years. The energy of everyone working on all the projects is tangible and the station area is rapidly growing into part of a larger center area.

In 2017, Karres and Brands created a development perspective for Zwolle’s Station Area in one coherent spatial framework, the 'station carré'. The bicycle shelter, bus bridge, bus station, redesign of the station’s square, Oosterlaan, Westerlaan and Stationsweg, Hanzelaan, footbridge (passerelle) and widening of the platforms show that the area is in great transition; several projects from this station square have already been realised. Currently we are working with the municipality of Zwolle, Prorail, IPV Delft and Mibach on the completion of the design of the footbridge. 

 The station's carré concept

A few years ago, the north side of Zwolle Station was one of the busiest places. A square full of buses, there was hardly any room for pedestrians and cyclists and the link with the historic city center was missing. Recently the new station square, designed by the municipality of Zwolle, was opened. After the redesign the square is a green continuation of the city center with seating and water elements and an underground bicycle parking garage. A worthy entrance to the city. Soon the design of the footbridge (Passerelle) will be presented to the Zwolle city council, ready for the next green development next to, or rather over, the Zwolle railroad line. 

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